Las Palmas, 1; Sporting, 0

Match Week 17 of LaLiga Santander


07/01/2017 17:07

Sporting fell behind 1-0 against UD Las Palmas in Match Week 17 of LaLiga Santander.


Las Palmas: Javi Varas; David Simón, Lemos, Vicente Gómez, Boateng, Nabil El Zhar, Roque Mesa, Pedro Bigas, Mateo, Jonathan Viera y Dani Castellano (Raúl Lizoain, David García, Livaja, Momo, Michel Macedo, Javi Castellano y Tana)

Sporting: Cuellar; Douglas, Lillo, Jorge Mere, Babin, Canella; Carmona, Xavi Torres, Sergio Alvarez, Victor Rodriguez; y Čop (Diego Mariño, Juan Rodriguez, Isma Lopez, Rachid, Afif, Borja Viguera y Ruben


Referee: Jose Luis Munuera Montero.


Both teams started the match trying to take control of the midfield, and it turned to be the local team who won the possession battle. Sporting was putting pressure on the opponent’s game style, who tested Cuellar from the start, the first one was in the 4th with Lemos’ free kick. The red and white goalie cleared. In the 7th, in a play claimed offside by the away team, Boateng tried to beat Cuellar again.

A couple minutes later, again all the attention was on Sporting goal keeper as he pulled off a great save from Jonathan Viera’s free kick goal attempt. Although he hit his knee against the post while stopping the ball and had to be assisted by the medical staff.

Sporting’s first attempt came in the 13th as Carmona shot too high from outside the box.

The Gijon squad managed to neutralize the constant local pressure, however, Las Palmas was still in possession, but Sporting kept holding on.

In the 35th again Cuellar was very clever to catch a low and fast strike.

In the 43rd Victor Rodriguez tried with a shot down the line but missed. In the following action, Cuellar saved a one on one with El Zhar. With two extra minutes completed, the first half ended without goals.

The second half started with no changes and Las Palmas dominating again.

In the 51st Jonathan Viera crashed a powerful shot against the crossbar. The red and white’s reacted playing more aggressive, but in the 54th the local team took the lead with a confusing play where Jorge Mere, trying to clear off the ball from the danger zone almost scored an own goal, Cuellar stopped it and El Zhar was very steady in the rebound scoring the 1-0.   

In the 59th Xavi Torres picked up a yellow card right before Abelardo made the first change, Viguera substituted Čop. 

Sporting had no other option than attacking, and so they did. Victor headed a great cross from the right wing but missed it. It was the 64th. Abelardo changed the tactical system and Afif replaced Babin. Also, Quique Satien would make some changes as Momo replaced Mareo in the 68th. In the next play, it was Victor again with a key chance to head the ball in, but Javi Varas stopped the ball. Sporting did not give up and it was Carmona who came back with a very dangerous shot that, again, Javi Varas miraculously stopped.

In the 75th Ruben Sanchez replaced Carmona, making this way, his first LaLiga appearance.

Las Palmas tried for a second goal when Momo from the end line crossed a low dangerous ball, but the striker could not finish it, missing for just a few inches, what turned out to be a relief for sporting.

In the 82nd Borja Viguera banged a good ball in the mixer, but none of his teammates could reach the ball and Javi Baras saved it.

The visiting team had one last scoring chance before the end, but the defense cleared off the ball avoiding any chances of a late equalizer.

With the final whistle, Sporting run out opportunities and the three points stayed at the Gran Canaria Stadium. In a match where both teams had chances, Las Palmas mostly during the first half and Sporting in the second, after allowing the goal.  

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RSG / J17 LaLiga Santander

1-0 Go Live
  • Javi Varas
  • Bigas
  • Mauricio Lemos
  • Dani Castellano
  • David Simón
  • Viera
  • Vicente Gómez
  • Roque Mesa
  • El Zhar (78')
  • Mateo García (69')
  • Kevin-Prince Boateng (89')


  • Marko Livaja (89')
  • Javi Castellano
  • Tana (78')
  • Momo (69')
  • David García
  • Raúl Lizoain
  • Michel Macedo
  • Cuéllar
  • Lillo
  • Douglas
  • Meré
  • Babin (65')
  • R. Canella
  • Carmona (75')
  • Víctor
  • Sergio A.
  • Xavi Torres
  • Cop (60')


  • Rubén Sánchez Pérez-Cejuela (75')
  • Mariño
  • Isma
  • Viguera (60')
  • Juan Rodríguez
  • Rachid
  • Akram Afif (65')


Estadio Gran Canaria (21.663 spectators)


  • 1-0 (55'). El Zhar


José Luis Munuera Montero awarded Momo (74'), Tana (84') from Las Palmas y Xavi Torres (60'), Meré (85'), Lillo (88') from Sporting.

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03 SEP

Nou estadi


Day3 Nàstic - R. Sporting

10 SEP

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Day4 R. Sporting - R. Oviedo

17 SEP

Nuevo Estadio de Los Pajaritos


Day5 CD Numancia - R. Sporting

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