RSG / Foundation

About us

The Escuela de Mareo Real Sporting de Gijón Foundation is synonymous of values and training. The Real Sporting de Gijón is a benchmark in football in both Spain and Europe thanks to its high number of home-grown players. It is a family club, loved by all for its history, closeness and humanity, and drive to promote the spirit and values of Sporting and Asturias in the world. The Club’s historical heritage is also highly valued, in particular the Molinón-Enrique Castro “Quini”, the oldest stadium in Spain, opened in 1908.

Our aims

The foundation aims to express the social engagement of the Real Sporting de Gijón SAD, promoting football and sport-related values within society, such as endeavour and dedication. It pushes for a sense of belonging and a tie to Asturias and Gijón through values such as sacrifice and commitment, social engagement, tradition and pride, helping deepen bonds with Asturias, Gijón and Real Sporting.


Camino de Mareo a Granda 645, 33390, Mareo de Abajo, Gijón, Asturias, Spain

Telephone: +34 985 16 76 77

Fax: +34 985 16 76 32