Sporting and the NGO 'Dejame Tus Piernas'

This morning, the first team met this NGO


04/01/2017 12:25

The first team shared some time this morning before the training session with the with guys and girls from the NGO 'Dejame Tus Piernas'. This is a non-profit, and relatively young association - founded in 2015 - which aims to enable disabled people to enjoy sports. Let me use your legs is, in addition to a very appropriate motto of the activity that they perform.
As an example, their participation in the last edition of the 10km run San Silvestre de Gijón on December 31st. Where volunteers and team members cooperated in the association by pushing the wheelchairs of some of the boys and girls that came over this morning to the EF Mareo, so that they could experience the feeling of those who can run and therefore Bring them closer to the sport in some way.
The Club is glad to be able to help this kind of innitiatives and today, the technical staff and players wished them to keep doing it for many more years.

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