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The history of Real Sporting de Gijon is marked by several recognitions, as is evidenced by the two copas Stadium in 1979 and 1981. Other distinctions have been the Trofeo Amberes (1963), the Trofeo Iberico (1972), the plaque to the Best Sports Entity (1978), the Trofeo Juan Antonio Samaranch (1979), AFE de Oro (1979), la placa al Merito Deportivo (1981), the first and sixth trophies to Sportsmanship (1981 y 1986), as well as others such as Trofeo Carranza 1984, Costa Verde and Villa de Gijón.

Real Sporting de Gijon competed six times in the UEFA Europa League. Earning also, the second classification in La Liga in first division during the 1979 season and two times runner-up at the Copa del Rey in 1981 and 1982.

The lower categories have some recognitions too, Sporting Atletico, who is currently known as Sporting B, won the Second Division B Cup in 1983. Also, the Sporting Juvenil (Under-18), Cadete (Under-16) and Benjamin (Under-10) won the National Championship in their corresponding categories, while Sporting Juvenil won also two times the Copa del Rey.