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The evolution of football, especially through its channeling through the media, which needs a representative image and instant identification, has given an even greater prominence to the shields, to the point of making them the main hallmark of the clubs. Since then, Sporting's shield has not changed, except for adapting it to the evolution that has demanded the visual media and the merchandising in which football is immersed, which advises to market clear images without excessive ornaments. Regarding this matter, the Club has registered the colors, dimensions and forms of its shield, with the intention of keeping it away from bad uses, in addition to possible commercial purposes from parties from outside the Club. This adaptation, in which computer technology took a main part, was carried out by CYAN in 1997 under the signature of the designer Juan Jareño.

The Club's first shield that is ever known is situated around 1912. It is not clear that it ever became official, since it was never printed on official paper nor embroidered on the players' shirts. It seems to be a sketch, an attempt to bring symbology to the club rather than a rigorous design, since it is stamped by an indefinite heraldic crown.


The second shield that came to be used by the Gijon society was ephemeral because it is only reported to had been used once, in 1920, by Enrique Guisasola.

The club started using this shield profusely after the arrival to the presidency of Ismael Figaredo. This is the first shield that appers in the shirts of the Sporting players.

Without any documentation to explainwhy, and perhaps because the shields in the decade of the 10s and 20s were considered secondary, the Club also adopted, under the presidency of Ismael Figaredo, a new emblem that was engraved in ceramics and placed at the main entrance of El Molinón. The current shield is an slight evolution of this one.

With the arrival of the Republic era, trying to avoid anything that could refer to the Monarchy, Sporting is forced to reform its shield in 1931, for which it changes the crown.

The Spanish Royal Crown is replaced by a mural crown. The shield also changes its shape and becomes round.

After the Civil War there was another change.
In addition to the Club's new name, Real Gijon, and after the decision of banning foreign words, a new shield was added taking the shape of a "G"  with the red and white colours in the background and the Spanich Royal Crown on top.

This shield was used forf Sporting's fiftieth anniversary, that explains the Roman "L" laureate, much used at the time.

In the seventies, the denomination Sporting and the current format of the shield are retrieved, taking as reference the one that was used after the twenties, although with a triangular shape.

This shield was created in 2005 for the Club's centenary.