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Mareo Facilities

Mareo Football School facilities are Sporting's " jewel of in the crown". Located in the area of ​​Leorio, about seven kilometers from Gijón city center, the facilities count with an area of ​​about 112,000 square meters featuring five fields of natural grass, two synthetic grass fields, one for football-11 and another one for football-8, an specific training space for goalkeepers, a sand pitch and a Futsal court. All facilities have artificial lighting.

To the infrastructure mentioned above, there are six dressing rooms in the sports building and another four in the annexes of pitch number five. There are also dressing rooms for referees and six more for coaches and assistants.
A polyclinic, a recovery room, a physical performance measurement room, a medical office, a gym, as well as hydrotherapy and sauna pools are part of the long list of dependencies and endowments of the Sporting facilities.

Mareo is also a place designed to host the first team's concentrations. It has an entire floor in the sports building, with a large living room, equipped with an enterntainment area, 14 double rooms, kitchen and dining room.

In the sports building there are also specific offices, a storing room for sports clothes, laundry and a classroom.

However, Mareo is more than just physical appearance. Its main purpose is to provide an athletic and human training to young people with suitable conditions for the practice of football. Therefore, the goal is not only oriented towards physical and technical conditioning. The School of Mareo also invests in human formation, so that young people know how to face life with the same joy and responsibility as they face the sports competition.